Lotus Badminton club provides various facilities apart from world standard wooden badminton courts, four of them.

Indoor Courts

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UPS and Power backups

Online uninteruppted power supply for instant power backup and optional/additional generator sets for prolonged power shutdown.

Four Wooden courts

Wooden courts made from both inland and imported teak wood. The entire floor is suspended on more than 7000 springs thus giving exceptional cushion to players' joints.

Women/Ladies only sessions

Ladies only session are available exclusive for both working women and house wives. The facility is felxible to offer request time slots for a batch for 6 or more female players. Subject to availablity

Medical assistance

The facility supports both first aid and common sports injuries. We also insist on alternative physiotherapeutic excercises for slow and long term injuries.

Free Wifi Hotspot

The facility offers FREE* wi-fi hotspot for all the registered members of the Club.

What do our members say

All the members of the club have one saying, we are addicted to this game. Either as a competitive game or fitness exercise, well some members choose both.

Playing this game makes my mind easy and creative. Greatly helps at work.

Member from the Morning batch.

After a tiring day at work, this game makes me feel relaxed and even forget my day.

Member from the evening batch.

Being a working lady, it used to be very hard to find a place to play in Pondicherry. Lotus Badminton Club has privileged us.

Women member from the Ladies only evening batch.

My son has finally settled at a sport as talent and also as a way to keep him fit with body, mind.

Parent of a Trainee.